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BBP37 Primary Color Label and Printer Kit


Get everything you need for basic identification with this promo kit

Pricing in effect until August 31, 2020

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Multicolor print capabilities make it ideal for creating impactful safety signs, lockout tags, warning labels and more in a single pass

Built in XY-cutter allows for the creation of die-cut shapes and text that gives the flexibility to choose where to place new messaging

Easily import and export printer your generated label files, lists and graphics through the USB 2.0 port and a USB flash drive

Fast print speeds up to 5 inches per second

This B-595 material has excellent indoor/outdoor durability and stays legible even when exposed to chemicals, grease, oil, solvents and more

Built-In Label Wizards: Arc Flash, Circle Gauge, Custom Label, General Templates, GHS/CLP, Gradient Scale, Pipe Marker, Pre-Made Labels, Right-to-Know, Tags, WHMIS

Included in this Package:

(1) BBP37 Color and Cut Sign and Label Printer (BBP37)

(1)B30 Series 4x100ft Blue Label (B30C-4000-595-BL)

(1) B30 Series 4x100ft Green Label (B30C-4000-595-GN)

(1) B30 Series 4x100ft Red Label (B30C-4000-595-RD)

(1) B30 Series 4x100ft White Label (B30C-4000-595-WT)

(1) B30 Series 4x100ft Yellow Label (B30C-4000-595-YL)

(1) B30 Series R10000 Printer Ribbon Black (B30-R10000)

(1) B30 Series R10000 Printer Ribbon White (B30-R10000-WT)