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Sqwincher Concentrate - Fruit Punch


Fruit Punch - Yields 5 Gallons

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In heat-stress environments, the body cools itself by perspiring. When this occurs, much more is lost than just water - magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium are also depleted. These electrolytes are crucial to maintain healthy muscles and a productive energy level. Without electrolytes, workers become dehydrated and heat stress - or more serious injury - can be imminent. It's proven that water alone cannot sufficiently replace electrolytes to prevent heat stress. Pure water is absorbed slowly and cannot be retained in the extra cellular cavity. The rate of absorption of Sqwincher as compared with water is significantly faster in the first minute.

Each 64 oz. bottle yields 5 gallons of finished product which mixes instantly with water - no stirring required. Chosen time and time again in taste tests, Sqwincher is the natural recovery source for dehydration. Available in a variety of flavors which are sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes.