Miller GlideLoc Vertical Ladder System Kit

  • Available in Galvanized Steel, Galvanized Aluminum, and Galvanized Stainless Steel
  • Kits come complete with GlideLoc rail, end-stop, ladder attachment brackets, and hardware (GlideLoc fall arresters are sold separately)
  • Kits available in 20ft. to 200ft. lengths; for larger systems, contact our qualified sales representatives

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  • Smooth, quiet trailing action along the rail - provides an easier, more comfortable climb
  • Automatic design - keeps both hands free for climbing
  • Integrated shock-absorbing mechanism - reduces force on the worker and system in the event of a fall
  • Provides fall protection for multiple workers - accommodates up to 4 workers (one worker per 10 foot section of rail)
  • Durable construction for extended service life
  • Easy-to-use, requires minimal maintenance and provides superior safety
  • Customizable for your application with additional available components, including: Brackets for larger ladder rungs, brackets to attach to ladder side rails, foldable foot rests for long ladders, and shaft entry device to provide easy access to manholes and roof hatches

*Contact one of our qualified sales representatives for a free consultation.