Titan Lanyard: shock absorbing pack, 4' w/ rebar & snap hooks View larger

Titan Lanyard: shock absorbing pack, 6' w/ rebar & snap hooks


6' (1.83 M)  Lanyard

Snap Hook / Rebar Hook

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The Miller Titan Pack-Type energy absorber is designed to reduce fall arrest forces. The integral Pack-Type energy absorber has a specially woven inner core that smoothly deploys during a fall arrest.

  • Webbing Lanyard: 1in. polyester
  • Shock-absorbing web core: polyester
  • Safety strap: 1-1 ¾ in. polyester
  • Thread: polyester
  • Hardware: Steel
  • All hardware meets ASTM (50) fifty-hour salt spray test requirements.
  • CSA Z259.11-17, ASTM
  • Max. Capacity Range: 120-335 lbs. (141 kg)
  • Snap Hooks: 5,000 lbs. (22kN)3/4” (19mm) gate opening
  • Rebar Hooks: 5,000 lbs. (22kN)2 ½ in. (63mm) gate opening
  • Fall Arrest Force: 1,800 lbs. max.